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Scott Number Name Condition Price View Part Number
44 1965 Elizabeth Catalogue Mint $1.25 AJ28
CO4 Lanner Falcon Mint $3.00 AJ31
N/A Explorer 14 Used $0.20 AJ8
N/A Soccer Player Used $0.20 AJ11
N/A Soccer Player Used $0.20 AJ12
N/A Olympic Skater Used $0.20 AJ13
N/A Olympic Runner Used $0.20 AJ14
N/A Monkey Used $0.20 AJ15
N/A Cat Used $0.20 AJ16
N/A Tiger Used $0.20 AJ17
N/A Pony Used $0.20 AJ18
N/A Bird Used $0.20 AJ19
N/A Russian Space Capsule Used $0.20 AJ20
N/A Space Capsule Used $0.20 AJ21
N/A Satelite Used $0.20 AJ22
N/A Ancient Soldier Used $0.20 AJ27
N/A Bird Used $0.20 AJ32

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