Central Africa
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Central Africa
Scott Number Name Condition Price View Part Number
54 Hawk Moth and Caterpillar on Coffee Leaves Mint $0.70 CT22
134 Silk Worm Mint $2.25 CT12
333 Diligence and Satellite and UPU Emblem Mint $0.20 CT39
334 UPU Emblem, Steam Locomotive and Commnunication Satellite Mint $2.75 CT40
335 UPU Emblem, Paddle Wheel Steamer and Communication Satellite Mint $0.25 CT41
336 UPU Emblem, Old Mail Truck and Satellite Mint $0.35 CT42
517A George Washington Used $0.95 CT34
518 Goethe 400th Anniversary Used $1.25 CT14
519 Princess Diana, 21st Birthday Used $2.00 CT35
597 World Communication Year Mint $0.45 CT43
598 World Communication Year Mint $1.25 CT44
619 UPU Day, World Communication Year Mint $1.75 CT45
622 Earth Satellite Receiving Station, Bangui M Poko Mint $1.25 CT46
C83 Silk Worm Mint $3.00 CT13
C191 Balloon, UPU Emblem and Spaceships Docking in Space Mint $1.00 CT47
C192 Hydrofoil, UPU Emblem and Concorde Mint $1.00 CT48
C220 Lake Placid Winter Olympic Bobsledding Souvenir Sheet Mint $5.00 CT32
J1 Sternotomis Virescens Insect Mint $0.20 CT2
J2 Sternotomis Gama Insect Mint $0.20 CT1
J3 Augosoma Centaurus Beetle Mint $0.25 CT30
J4 Phosphorus Virescens, Ceroplesis Carabarica Insects Mint $0.25 CT49
J6 Ceroplesis S.P. Insect Mint $0.35 CT50
J7 Macrorhina S.P. Insect Mint $0.45 CT51
J8 Cetoine Scaraboidae Insect Mint $0.45 CT52

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