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Scott Number Name Condition Price View Part Number
54 Virgin and Child Painting, Italy, 18th Century Mint $0.20 MC23
82 Earth and Lunar Module by William Hanson, 1st Art Transported to the Moon Mint $4.50 MC25
142 $2.90 Frigatebird Flag Mint $5.00 MC32
182 - 183 Butterflies Mint $5.00 MC4
239 Tourism in Yap, Se-tenant Block of 4 Mint $4.00 MC6
231 End of World War II, 50th Anniversary, Se-tenant Block of 4 Mint $7.00 MC7
240 Sea Stars, Se-tenant Block of 4 Mint $6.00 MC8
248 Citrus Fruit, Strip of 4 Mint $4.00 MC12
C20 Return of Nauruans from Truk, 40th Anniversary Used $1.25 MC22

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