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Israel Postal Service 2017 Issue
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Ancient Roman Arenas Theater
Beit She an

Ancient roman Arenas Hipodrom

Ancient Roman Areanas Amphitheater
Beit Guvrin

Israel Postal Service has issued three new stamps that have a postage value of 4.10 shekel named "Ancient Roman Arenas" in December of 2017. These stamps depict the types of entertainment held at each arena with an attached label that has a picture of the present day arena. The stamps also depict the type of the arena and its location in Israel. Each of the stamps represent three different types of Roman arenas that are found in Israel. They are the theater, amphitheater and hippodrome. Each are described below:

Theater - a semi circular theater in which all seats faced the front stage. Most performances held there were pantomimes and social satire.

Hipodrom - used for chariot races that had a grand divider decorated with statues and columns in the center of the arena. Chariots would ride around this divider repeatedly during a race. Seats were located along the sides of the arena.

Amphitheater - had a center stage that hosted bloody performances between gladiators or men versus animals.

Ancient Roman Arenas stamps can be purchase as sheets of 8 stamps. Sorry! no other specification available at this time.

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